"Dogs are telepathic too!! This is a true story that 
happened to my family. 

"I went to an animal shelter to find a new puppy. I had 
just lost my dog of 10 years to a hit-and-run driver. When 
I got to the shelter there was a dog there who had 
recently given birth to 10 puppies. To make a long story 
short, I ended up taking her, not a puppy. There was just 
such a strong attraction I felt to this dog! She cried all 
the way home."

"But one day Rhonda wandered off. We could not locate her. 
My then 9-year-old son was very attached to her. I was out 
until after 2 a.m. looking for Rhonda. The next day I 
posted fliers all over the place and offered a reward for 
her safe return."

According to "bli," this is where the event becomes 
unexplanable except by paranormal means.

"We live out in the country, about 8 miles from where my 
son went to school. He was outside at recess when suddenly 
all of the kids got excited about a dog charging towards 
them. It was Rhonda! She had found my son. She even waited 
outside of the school after recess was over until my 
husband could go retrieve her! We've always wondered how 
she knew where to find my son in a place so far away, 
where she had never been before. Dogs are telepathic too!"

"Fido and Holly are a dog and cat we raised together since 
they were puppy and kitten. As the months went by, they 
became inseparable. That is, except for one occasion when 
Holly slipped out of the house before we had a chance to 
get her fixed. As luck would have it, she became pregnant, 
but she was so beautiful that we had takers for all of her 
kittens before they were born--as long as she did not have 
more than seven!"

"She gave birth in a closet and as she nursed her litter 
of six, Fido kept a respectful distance. It was as if he 
was aware that something new had entered their relationship 
and he sadly whimpered at night."

"But then one day Holly wanted to move her litter to a 
fresh hiding place. Maybe the closet was too busy or 
something. But what I haven't told you yet is that she was 
small for a mother and still seemed weak from giving birth. 
So I saw her tugging at her tiny kittens but she was unable 
to move them too far. We didn't interfere because we were 
worried she would abandon them if we did."

"This is when Holly renewed her relationship with Fido in 
a way that still fills me with wonder. Because I know that 
they communicated in way that is beyond our understanding, 
and beyond the mere use of 'body language.'

"Fido was resting outside the closet. Holly approached and 
nudged him inside, where her kittens were sprawled on a 
blanket. The she led him into the den behind the couch--
the spot she had chosen as her new den. After a few 
moments, she gave Fido another nudge and led him back to 
the closet."

"At first, Fido seemed puzzled. He looked at the kittens, 
then swiveled his head to peer at the den. Then, in a move 
that about knocked me off my feet, he gently picked up one 
of the kittens by the nape of the neck and took it behind 
the couch. Within five minutes, he transported each of 
the kittens to their new home, after which he walked into 
the kitchen and took a big gulp from his water bowl, like 
nothing special had happened."

"Holly slipped behind the couch with her brood. For the 
next week or so, I rarely saw her, except when she came 
out to use the littler box and eat. Body language may 
have played a role in what happened. But based on what I 
saw, I believe there is no way Fido would've known what 
to do unless there had been some sort of unspoken 
communication between him and Holly, like ESP."