Hi There

I'm Sadie and I love buzzing around town in my 
snazzy pink convertible.
I have picked up some good advise along my travels and thought I would share them with you.
Hope they will be of help to you and your favorite kitties.


--To clean your cat's ears, moisten a cotton ball with a 
little baby oil and wipe away any dirt from the front of 
each ear using a circular motion. Never poke into the 
inside of the ear with any kind of cotton swab. 

--Before adopting a new kitten, it's a good idea to look 
at his future living space from his eye level. Get down on 
your hands and knees and check for any hazards that might 
attract his attention, such as cleaners under the sink, 
loose electrical cords, or inviting spaces behind appliances. 

--Hiding electrical cords behind furniture or spraying 
them with repellents won't stop a cat or kitten who's 
determined to use them as toys. Ideally, cords should be 
run behind baseboards, over doorways, or through protective 

--When adopting a new kitten, find out what food she's 
been eating so you don't try something new right away. If 
you want to change her food, gradually add the new kind to 
the old in increasing amounts.

--Always check for bones before you let your cat eat table 
scraps of meat, poultry, or fish. Bones can get caught in 
a cat's mouth or, if swallowed, can get stuck in the digestive 

--During a long summer drive with your cat, take advantage 
of cooling products such as the gel pouches that stay cold 
when removed from the refrigerator. The pouches can be placed 
on top of the cat carrier or underneath to keep it cooler 

--A good rule of thumb when giving medication to a cat or 
extracting a difficult tangle or mat from his fur is the 
less force, the better. If you must restrain your cat for 
any reason, wrap him in a towel. Your vet can show you how. 

--Trimming your cat's nails is easier than you might think. 
Cup his paw in your hand and apply light pressure with your 
thumb to expose the claws. Then, with sharp clippers held 
in your other hand, cut off the hard white tip of each nail. 

--Plenty of air circulation is essential for your cat on 
a car trip in average summer heat, and air conditioning is 
a must in very warm temperatures. For bitter-cold weather, 
quilted carrier covers are available at pet stores. 

--If a neighborhood cat suddenly changes his behavior, 
becoming over-friendly or even vicious, there's a good chance 
he's showing symptoms of rabies. Keep your own cat indoors 
even if he's been vaccinated; if he hasn't, get him to a 
vet immediately.

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